“JuanLoveApparel isn’t just a brand, it’s more-so a realization. We all have a heart no matter who you are: healthy or not, wealthy or not, righty or lefty, you have a heart. The goal of JuanLoveApparel LLC. is to promote positivity and self-worth while also targeting simplistic fashion.” – Juan on JuanLoveApparel

Originally from the Bronx, NY — Juan Rosario founded JuanLoveApparel LLC. in early 2019 and currently pursuing his Masters in Occupational Therapy at the University of New Hampshire. For the past year, Juan has been self-reflecting, making conscientious decisions and becoming attuned to the world around him. Due to personal experiences, he began to view himself and the world around him with a different perspective. Prior to 2019, he compiled a series of notes that related to, but are not limited to; Society, Contentedness, Anxiety, Time, Theories, Experiences, Religion, and more. He realized the overarching message of his notes: love & positivity. Juan feels that we can disagree with one another but still be respectful while tending to our needs. You will live your best life by remaining true to yourself. To him, JuanLoveApparel LLC. is a perfect way to express these values in a fluid yet simple manner.

“Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, the design itself has meaning. The design is placed near your heart (an organ related to longevity) with a quote that relates to the design located near your bicep (a muscle commonly associated with strength). Those who come across the design may create their own interpretation since, at a glance, the quote is not meant to be visible unless you choose to reveal it.” – Juan on the meaning.

With a background in anatomy and functionality, many of his ideas originate from his knowledge of the human body. This is displayed throughout all of his apparel; from placing the design near the heart associating it with longevity & metaphorical love to placing the design on the left side of the hat, symbolizing the area of the brain that is associated with logic.

Juan had, and will always have, a curiosity towards life and its complexities. Whether it’s the interdependence of the Earth, spiritual presence in humans, or topics he has little to no knowledge in— Juan is eager to learn as much as he can. He aims to raise awareness of self-worth while breaking down the intricacies of the human anatomy through his apparel. He attributes all of his success to his mother as well as immediate family. “I know I would not be at this stage of my life if it weren’t for everyone pushing me to be the best version of himself.”